What care should I take after Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery?

We suggest "Pelvic Rest" for six to eight weeks. This means that nothing should enter the vagina, neither tampons nor vibrators, as well as refrain from sexual intercourse. It is suggested to apply an estrogen cream to help the healing process in older patients. We also recommend using unadjusted clothing such as boxers and loose underwear, no tight clothing such as thongs or jeans that can cause friction or discomfort. It is also advised not to lift heavy objects or perform activities that force it to bend down or make efforts, trying to avoid creating tension at the level of the sutures. You should delicately treat your genital area during its healing phase.

What is intimate surgery?

Intimate surgeries consist of Vaginal Cosmetology surgeries of the vulvar and vaginal area, the intimate parts of the woman. Different surgical procedures are used depending on the aesthetic and / or functional needs of the patient. Among the most common are:

• Correction of vaginal sagging.

• Reduction or increase of labia majora.

• Reduction of labia minora.

• Excessive foreskin removal to discover the clitoris.

• Reduction or increase of the pubic mount.

• Correction of convergence or asymmetry of the labia.

When should I have a breast self-exam?

It should be taken into consideration that after having passed the menstruation about 10 days approximately, a good breast exam can be performed, since with each cycle there are usually important changes. The breast self-examination is divided into two important parts that are the appearance of your breasts and the way they feel.

What do I do if I feel a mass in a breast?

All pain, mass, irritation, deformation, or expulsion of fluid (not breastfeeding) from the nipples is abnormal, and proper attention should be given and gynecological check-up as soon as possible as this may be important.

How can women take care of themselves and avoid some diseases or bacteria caused by Oral Sex?

One of the ways in which the spread of diseases through oral sex can be avoided is to do it with a person who is understood to be healthy, but there is no certainty about this practice since the spread in genital areas is very high and prone sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or HPV virus among others.

What is the Human Papillomavirus?

Human papillomavirus (HPV or HPV) is a diverse group of DNA viruses belonging to the Papillomaviridae family. Like all viruses in this family, HPVs only establish productive infections. Some types of HPV can cause warts or condylomas, while others can generate subclinical infections, which can (in a minority of cases) lead to cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vagina and anus in women, or year and penile cancer in men.
How long should I last after a C-section to get pregnant? A minimum of two years is the ideal inter-genetic time to prepare for an upcoming pregnancy, in addition the cause of caesarean section should be taken into account since there are diseases of the pregnancy that require more time, you should always consult your doctor in this Case to your gynecologist.

How can HPV (Human Papillomavirus) be transmitted?

More than 80% is through sexual intercourse and 20% is considered to be through the use of intimate garments, people living in overcrowding and at the time of delivery if the mother already possesses the virus.

How can HPV be prevented?

The only sure way to prevent infection, apart from abstinence from sexual contact, is to have no relationship other than with uninfected people, but not all infected know their condition. Condom use does not prevent contagion safely, but some correlation has been observed with a reduced cervical cancer rate